API references


The REST API is the go-to API for more complex mediamask images.


The mediamask REST API is a REST API with the base url Make sure the template has the REST API enabled to use it. Make sure your API Requests have the Accept HTTP-Header set to application/json.

Accept: application/json


Requests to the mediamask REST API are authenticated with a Bearer token which consists of your API Key. (See example for the Authorization HTTP Header below) You can get an API Key via the API Keys Page. API Keys have access to all the projects and templates of your team.

Authorization: Bearer <API-TOKEN>

POST /image

The endpoint renders the template with the provided dynamic layers.

  • Image Dynamic Layer need the url attribute which has to be a direct link to an image
  • Text Dynamic Layer need a text attribute which contains the text content that should be rendered

Dynamic Layers can be referenced by the API Name that is configured in the Template.

Templates are referenced by their Template UUID which can be found on the template edit screen.

Images will only be generated once

Templates that were already rendered with the provided attributes will not rerender, but return the previouly generated image.

  "template": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6",
  "dynamic_layers": [
      "name": "text placeholder name",
      "text": "an example text"
      "name": "image placeholder name",
      "url": ""

Open API Specification

You can find the swagger/Open API Docs here:

Signed URL API