Create templates

Templates are the basis of every image generated with mediamask

Generate Templates

You can create Templates via the mediamask figma plugin. Templates can contain two types of dynamic layers:

  • Image Layers - which allow setting the image via our APIs dynamically
  • Text Layers - which allow setting the text content via our APIs dynamically
  1. Create your design
    Create your figma design just like you would normally. Include example texts and images even on the places that will function as placeholders in your template later.

  2. Make sure the sizes are correct
    Check the size of your frame and adjust the size of text layers are big enough to fit longer texts as well. Most of the time you’ll want to increase the size of text layers and adjust the horizontal alignment accordingly.

  3. Choose the placeholder layers
    Select all the figma layers that should be editable via the mediaimage API. After that click the "Generate Template" Button to save the template to mediamask.

  4. Define your API Names (optional)
    You can configure the names of every placeholder. This will be the name that you can use with our URL API and REST API.

Getting started